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Tehaum-The Interview Cycle

Hello future dentists! It’s that time again with the application cycle underway! After you hit submit, make sure to breathe! It’s going to be just fine if you put your best foot forward. Here are some things I’d like to share with anyone applying right now.

  1. THE APPLICATION CYCLE IS NOT OVER AFTER THE DECEMBER DEADLINE! Interviews usually continue until March-May so it surely isn’t over on decision day.

  2. Make sure to have people read over your applications before you send them! This includes all of your grades, personal statements, and essays.

  3. Do not forget to complete all supplemental materials each school requires to have your application considered.

  4. It’s pretty hard not to get stressed over the whole process especially due to the killer competition. Try to get back into whatever hobbies and activities you were involved in before the DAT, and college courses, and all that jazz took over your life. Use those hobbies to busy yourself because once dental school starts, you will have very limited time to engage in those things.

  5. Check out my YouTube channel and Insta page One Mission DMD. I make helpful content for aspiring dental students as well as current dental students. I’ve covered topics such as how to get into dental school, what 1st year is like, a day in the life vlog series, interviews with students who ended up applying more than 4 times, how to write a personal statement, how to prepare for an interview, and so much more!

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