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4 Tips from Eleni

Hello Future Dental students!

My name is Eleni and I am a third-year dental student at Tufts University. I went to Boston College for undergrad, and I studied Biology there. After, I got my Masters in Biomedical Sciences at Tufts University School of Medicine. I started my own Youtube channel and dental Instagram page to help pre-dental students with their journey to dental school.

Some advice that I always tell dental students:

  1. Join your school pre-dental club! Through my pre-dental club, I was able to do community service locally, by going to schools and teaching young students how to brush their teeth. I was also able to go on an amazing volunteer trip to Costa Rica with my pre-dental club. Additionally, I met so many friends and mentors who helped me through all the challenges of applying to dental school.

  2. Major in something you love! As a pre-dental student, you do not have to major in biology. I did because at the time I thought it would be easiest, and I didn't know that I could pick another major. So if you like history or art or economics, major in it!

  3. Develop balance in your life and self-care habits! Being pre-dental is not easy. There is incredible pressure to do well in school, score high on the DAT, and obviously get into schools! It can be very stressful and cause anxiety. Therefore, it is so crucial to start developing habits to help you handle all that stress. I personally like to run, meditate, journal, and do yoga. I highly recommend getting into yoga and meditation, but there are so many other things you can do to release stress. Just find what works for you!

  4. Lastly, follow me on Youtube and Instagram! I am always sharing advice and giving an inside look into dental school. You can always reach out to me on any platform for more questions and advice. And it doesn't have to be just me that you follow. There are so many dental students out there giving advice and talking about their journeys! This is a great way to gain inspiration as well! I loved following other dental students to motivate me when I was down.

I hope at least one of these helps you guys in your journey to dental school. And once again feel free to reach out for any questions you may have!

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