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The Miller-Lawrence Medical & Dental Society and Foundation


  • Amount varies


  • The Miller-Lawrence Medical & Dental Society And Foundation provides scholarships to medical and dental students who are enrolled in medical and dental schools in California. These awards serve to recognize medical and dental students who embrace the society’s ideals as represented in our mission statement:

  • To promote public health and to improve the general welfare of the community with particular emphasis upon minorities and the disadvantaged.

  • To enhance the quality of medical and dental health services with an emphasis on preventative measures including health.

  • To encourage and promote effective and appropriate health education activities for both families and health professionals.

  • To develop a more cohesive and effective community of health professionals

  • To increase access to care

  • To encourage and stimulate our youth to become healthcare professionals and advocates in our community.

  • To eliminate disparities in health care.

Number of Winners

  • Multiple


  • Dental students who reside in Connecticut, are in their third or fourth year at a New England dental school, and who are in academic good standing. Hartford County residents are particularly encouraged to apply.


  • Applicants must be in good academic standing at a medical or dental school in California

Application Deadline

  • October 1, 2023

Where to Apply

  • Apply on the Miller-Lawrence Medical & Dental Society and Foundation website

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