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It's the same Bootcamp you love, but here to help you on the INDBE! You'll have access to 1900+ cases similar to the actual INDBE. In addition, you'll get great review videos from Mental Dental! Use the INDBE Bootcamp promotional code "PREDENTALADVICE" for 10% off!

There is no better way to BOOST your odds on the INDBE than INDBE Booster. You'll have access to study notes, content videos, and tons of question banks! Use the INDBE Booster discount code "PREDENTALADVICE" for 10% off!

Getting ready to take the INDBE, but aren't sure how to study? Get started with Board Vitals! Board Vitals' question bank includes over 2,300 practice problems to help you pass your boards. Plus, with their 3 and 6-month plans, they offer a 100% PASS GUARANTEE! Use the Board Vitals promo code "PREDENTALADVICE" for 10% off!


It's time to master dental concepts in preparation for the INBDE! Learn more about what My Dental Mastery has to offer here, then use our discount link to save 30%!

Ready for a real-life simulation of the INBDE? There is no better way to know if you are ready than a practice test. Use our link to save 30%!

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