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Audacity to Dream Research Award


  • $5,000


  • The Colgate/National Dental Association Foundation Audacity to Dream Scholarship program was created to recognized some our most talented rising dentists, and help alleviate the cost burden of their education.

Number of Winners

  • $5,000


  • Be a current D1, D2, or D3 dental student

  • Have a 3.0 or higher cumulative grade point average

  • You must be an active SNDA member, with proper local and national documentation from your local chapter. Your membership must be in good standing throughout the review process and for the awarding academic year

  • Attend the SNDA Rights of Passage Gala the year of your application

  • Must be able to attend and present your research during both 2023 NDAF and NDAF/Colgate Research Days. 


  • Official dental school transcript

  • Letter from SNDA national or local President stating your current membership status

  • Two recommendation letters are required (family members, relatives, and students are not eligible to submit a recommendation). One letter must be from your research advisor

  • Summary of any or all research activities that you have participated in. Please include any papers, abstracts, posters, or lecture presentations that you have given. This summary shall include all research activities from undergraduate studies, dental school and/or graduate school

  • Provide a brief outline, in 500 words or less, describing your current research activities and/or project. Please include your role in the project and any publications that you had an active role in

  •  Provide an essay, in 500 words or less, outlining your view of dental research in accordance with the spirit of the National Dental Association Foundation's mission and core values

Application Deadline

  • May 31, 2024

Where to Apply

  • Apply on the NDA Foundation website

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