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Mar 10, 2022
In Pre-Dental Advice Forum
I'm a current senior in high school and I recently got accepted into a few guaranteed admit dental programs (bs/dmd or bs/dds). Many of these programs require that I meet a minimum GPA and DAT and I am guaranteed a spot in their dental school. The programs that I got into are LECOM, University of Detroit Mercy, Univeristy of the Pacific, and Creighton Univeristy. I interviewed also at University of Louisville and University of New England and will soon hear from them. I am 10000% certain I want to specialize and go into orthodontics. I truly like all of the locations with these schools and am grateful as my parents are covering my tuition. I like all of the undergrad schools as well. Since location and cost are not factors in my decision, which school should I choose to give me the best chance of becoming an orthodontist? I'm well aware of the fact that it's a VERY COMPETITIVE specialty and hard to get matched into it. What other factors should I take into consideration? I really want to make sure that I don't make the wrong choice here and have less than two months to commit to one program. Any advice would really help!!!


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